"RE-BOOT & REFRESH"-21 Day ONLINE Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability starts 1/18/16--"Commit to Fit"


"NEW YEAR NEW YOU"-21 Day ONLINE Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability starts 2/1/16--"Small Changes for Big Healthy Impact!"


Feel like your pants are too tight or like you are stuck in a nutrition rut? 

We've all been there.............


* Need to make some changes but do not know how?

* Need someone to motivate you, encourage you, push you, and believe in you?

*Tired of jumping on every fad diet there is and ready to make this a permanent change?

* Want to feel comfortable in your own skin?

* Want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit, tank tops, and sundresses this summer?

* Want to lose 5-15 lbs in 21 Days?

* Want to be a part of an accountability group that is going to cheer you on and help you see that you CAN do it this time and that you CAN take control of your health and goals?

* Want a simple nutrition plan to follow and 30 minute daily workouts?

* Can you believe in YOU for 21 days??

If the answer is YES then do not miss out on your chance for transformation! 

New 21 Day ONLINE challenge group starting soon.  Message me for details. 

 This is an amazing program that delivers results! Listen, I KNOW what it is like! I KNOW how hard it is to take time for yourself BUT I also know how IMPORTANT it is!! Treat YOURSELF this time! Program cost is just $140!

 it doesn't have to be complicated.


You can start simply, and by making only a few small changes.