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Increase Your Energy Level!

More energy is the one thing I think most of us could use more of.  The good news is that there are ways to increase your daily energy level.  Here is a perfect article with 5 easy  steps you can take today for increased energy.  These things may seem basic when you read them.. and they are, which means they are easy to accomplish.  Remember consistency is key for results!

5 Easy Steps for Maximum All-Day Energy
I often hear people say...
"I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could get more done."
But I don't think more time is what most people need.
I think what many people could really use to get more accomplished
each and every day is... ENERGY
Often I talk to people who really do have more than enough hours in
the day; they just don't have enough energy to accomplish all of
life's constant To Do's.
As a busy mom of 2 small children and owner of my own business,
having enough energy to accomplish the many tasks required of me
each day is "mission critical".


Without energy, there's no way I'm going to be able to exercise, work
all day, take care of my children and my home, and still find some time
for activities like reading and outdoor play.
Here are the 5 things I do DAILY to ensure that I am always
functioning at top speed. And no that does not mean I'm constantly
running. But it does mean that I'm maximizing the time I have each
and every day by keeping my energy levels high all day.
1. Include a healthy protein source into every one of your meals
(this includes snacks as well).
Healthy sources of protein and good fat slow down the conversion of
carbohydrates into glucose (sugar) in your blood stream, keeping
your blood sugar stable throughout the day.


Many times the "crash" people feel after lunch or breakfast is their
blood sugar spiking high and then "crashing" real low because they ate
a meal that was carbohydrate dense and not balanced with enough protein.
Adding in a healthy protein source like organic eggs, natural meats
or poultry, wild fish and raw nuts can ensure your blood sugar
doesn't go on a rollercoaster ride every time you eat.


Instead of grabbing pretzels from the vending machine in the afternoon,
go for some raw almonds and a fruit and that will keep your energy
levels sustained for the rest of the afternoon.
2. Stay hydrated all day.
Most people know they should be drinking water, but what they don't
know is that it directly affects their energy levels throughout the day.


Consider this: your brain is approximately 80% water.


Staying hydrated helps you maintain mental energy while avoiding fatigue
and headaches. Water also plays a vital role in your body's ability
to flush toxins. Organs have to work harder when you don't have
enough water, thus, causing fatigue.
3. Be cautious with caffeine intake.
I am not suggesting you completely eliminate your morning java or
your breakfast tea. But many people take their "cup of joe" and
turn it into "way too many cups of joe". Yes, caffeine will give
you a quick boost in energy, but will almost always send you
crashing just a few hours later.
Caffeinated beverages will also dehydrate your body, and
dehydration will cause you to feel fatigued (tip #2). Try to keep
your caffeine beverages to a maximum of 1-2 per day. I would also
suggest drinking those before 1pm as drinking caffeine any later
than that can disrupt your ability to fall asleep that night.
4. Beware of "white" carbs.
"White Carbs"(breads, pastas, cereals, baked goods) break down
quickly causing a fast spike in blood sugar. You'll feel a quick
rush of energy, but then a big drop...causing your energy (and your
mood) to drop along with it. Also, when too much sugar floods the
system all at once, your body can't use it all for energy and
converts it to stored fat.
While it is correct that carbs give you energy, too many carbs at
once will actually lead to fatigue and lethargy. I would highly
suggest keeping the "white carbs" to a minimum and eating
healthier, fibrous carbs like oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes and a
variety of fruits and vegetables.


And always be sure to eat those carbs alongside a healthy protein (tip #1).
5. Do a quick 5-minute mini-exercise circuit at any point during the day.
Yes, even a quick 5-minute exercise routine is enough to get your
blood circulating, sending more oxygen to your muscles and brain
and giving you a boost in energy. Quick bursts of exercise will
also increase your metabolism, not only helping you keep the excess
pounds off, but giving you a burst of energy as well.
If I start to feel the "afternoon energy crash", I will get up from
my office chair and do 1 minute of body weight squats, 1 minute of
pushups over my desk, 1 minute of jumping jacks, and 2 minutes of
lower and upper body stretches. It may not sound like very much,
but I assure you that in less than 5 minutes, I am "pumped" and
ready to get back to work.
Give the above 5 suggestions a try and you will see firsthand that
you do have more than enough hours in each day when you energy
levels are at their maximum all day long.
Isabel De Los Rios is world-renowned health and fitness
expert specializing in holistic nutrition for fat loss, energy, and

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