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Crazy Tabata Workout

Crazy Tabata Strength Circuit-Small Group Fit Club-9am busy Body Studio

Todays kick booty Tabata-Strength Circuit
Oh yea!  Today I had the privilege of an awesome workout with my 9am small group.  Only 3 friends showed up so we were only 4 which turned out to be perfect!  We killed it, it killed us, we pushed ourselves to the limit and made it.  Everybody had the super amazing energy that we knew it was impossibly hard and we knew we could do it.  There was lots of encouragement, lots of woooos and yeas, major sweating, pumping music, and heavy breathing.  It was a crazy metabolic challenge workout, I loved it!  It is 4 hours later and my skin is still rosy, my metabolism is still reved up and I feel like a million bucks.   
Thank you ladies, you seriously rock!  

Here’s what we did:

Tabata Circuit 20/10 x8 Rounds
Mountain Climbers

Tabata Circuit 20/10 x8 Rounds
Walking Hand Push-ups

TRX, Kettlebell and Slosh Pipe Strength Circuit-2 rounds 30/20

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Reader Comments (1)

There ain't nothin like Dana's "KICK YOUR BOOTY" class!!
Talk about someone who "ROCKS" - it's DANA... each and every class is different, never know what to expect and it's an extreme mind & body challenge. I've done other classes, boot camps etc., and either I don't like what's going on or it seems that no change will ever come my way! Well Dana and her ROCK'in KiCK YOUR BOOTY Power Method classes are INSANE!! And CHANGE does come!!! Thanks Dana for an incredible class and your every day enthusiasm!! YOU ARE A GENUINE ROCK STAR!!!

August 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDaphne

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