*These are real testimonials from real clients. Everyone and every situation is different so please keep in mind that individual results may vary.

Beth Walter
6:14pm Jun 26
So the first 21 Day Fix I did, I found myself feeling depressed at this point. I was dealing with my father in ICU, the event was coming to an end and what was next? I wasn't worried about being able to continue on with the lessons I learned and the skills I added to my life, it was the daily "what's my reading?" And "what are my answers today?" The contact, even though online, was what I was losing. This go around I feel so much better, because I know I'm going into more rounds already, and because now I know I can walk into the gym and get my 'fix' of support and a butt-kicking (slimming) workout at the same time. This morning I came in at 10.2 lbs lost, and I owe it to the knowledge that I can fail forward, someone is here to help me climb back up, and I really have not deprived myself of anything more than some of the ice cream I used to eat. Hell, I eat more now than I did before by an awful lot, but it is in healthier more frequent portions. Thank you Dana Fullington and Jai Lene Orr for everything. You are amazing coaches!!! *


Anne Mc Clard
Three weeks ago I signed up for a 21 day challenge put forth by a person who I was friends with in high school, Dana Fullington, a certified personal trainer. Shortly after signing up for it, I discovered that it was a beachbody.com thing. I had second thoughts. We got P90x once, and I couldn't make it through the training manual, let alone the first exercise video. But, I decided to give it a real try since swimming 3x a week and doing the elliptical trainer was not doing diddly squat for my weight or energy.
The commitment seemed do-able, a meal replacement shake, clean eating (whole foods, which was normal for me), and a 30 minute workout every day. After the first couple of days I thought I was going to die. Every muscle in my body hurt, but I kept going. There were a lot of exercises that I could not do without modifications. By the end of the first week, I was feeling pretty good. Week two was easier, and I found I could do more. After week three, I am beginning to feel like I might actually might be strong again if I keep going. What's more, I lost almost 6lbs and 3 inches from my waist.
If any you out there are vaguely interested in getting into better shape, I would recommend this as a good place to start. It isn't gimmicky; it is about doing the work every day, and eating well. I have not starved. I just signed up for another 3 weeks. I am happy to connect you with Dana if you are interested in trying this out. *


At the age of 50 I decided that working out was in my best interest from a mental and physical standpoint.  So I began my journey  and found that business travel very often interfered and made the goals difficult to attain.  Worse than that though my body always had a difficult time adjusting when I got back. So during one Business Trip to Colorado my trainer suggested I identify a personal trainer in CO to work out with. Fortunately we found and chose Dana.  Dana is perhaps as fine a personal trainer as you will find anywhere!!  We worked out together a couple of times individually and I joined in one of her classes.  Frankly I wasn’t sure what I liked better the personal attention from Dana or the kindness from strangers who took time to explain things to me. 

The good news is that I will be back in Colorado to see her soon.  The bad news is she set a very high standard for personal trainers on the road.  I would recommend her classes or personal training sessions to any level.  The 50+ crowd looking to build muscle and retain the integrity of their bones and the Marathoners, also me.
Thank you Dana.............Gina Matarazzo*


I have been working out faithfully for over 30 years. Dana is by far the best trainer I have ever had the privilege to work with. She is smart, fun, funny, patient, and extremely knowledgeable! I have been taking her classes for almost 2 years now, and I have loved it. I'm almost 60 years old, although I certainly don't act like it, and I am as strong as I was in my thirties! She is a gift to all of us who have the fortune to take her classes. I give her my highest recommendation!
.........................Gay Curtiss-Lusher´╗┐....age 50+*


Dana is a one-of-a-kind trainer.  She puts her heart and soul into helping each client.  While many trainers may hold similar knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and fitness, Dana transcends that knowledge; she has a gift of understanding each client's unique needs, struggles, tendencies, personalities and it is that piece that sets her apart.  By understanding our complexities, our journeys, our essence, she is able to offer practical, concrete suggestions tailor made to each of us.  The word that comes to mind for me is transformation; i have experienced an amazing physical transformation, but it has also been an emotional and spiritual transformation.  Dana has supported and encouraged me through many struggles and heartaches and when I was ready to set down my exercise and nutrition routine and fall back into old habits and thinking patterns, Dana was there beside me with gentle but firm resolve. As she continues to stand beside me, all the knowledge, confidence, hope, and strength have moved from my head to my heart.  I am forever grateful for Dana; she is an amazing trainer and a beautiful, genuine friend....................Deb Watson.....age 49*


Working out with Dana changed my view on exercise.  I thought I was doing well at the gym on my own, until I started working out with Dana.  I realized that although I could do 60 minutes on the elipitcal, I wasn't strong.  Every time I exercise with Dana I feel as though my core is getting stronger, and other muscles as well...........Terri Kipple.......age 33*


An outstanding trainer, Dana is always in touch with her clients needs.  She is enthusiastic and engaged.
We would highly recommend her to anyone.  
 We have trained with Dana for more than 1 1/2 years and have always been impressed with her knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm.  
 Dana is TERRIFIC - A "10" in every way.  We love her and what she has done for us.

.....Marcia and Howard Potter...........age -well seasoned :-)*


Dana has been a wonderful trainer and friend. She really puts forth an effort to remember peoples' names and you will never leave her class without getting a killer workout. I feel better than I have in years after training with Dana, and really feel like itis the most personal, professional, and genuine exercise program in Denver. The workouts are varied and fun, and before too long you will start to see tone all over your body. Guaranteed Dana won't disappoint!....Meg Routzong....age 26*


I started with Dana February of this year after seeing an advertisement for the classes. I had been telling myself for over a month that I was going to start to go to the gym and get myself in shape so I would be ready for bikini season. I knew I needed something that would kick start a work out regiment for myself and I thought this would be the perfect thing to do just that. Going into it I thought I would do this for a month and then get on my own workout routine. After my first month was up I couldn’t believe how great I felt. There was no way I was going to only do this for a month, so I signed up for another. Now, 7 months later I find myself in class at least 3 times a week and am the happiest I have ever been with my body. I have dropped 12.1 pounds in fat and brought my body fat percentage down 6%. I never thought that would be possible. The trainers are so accommodating and they each challenge you in a different way. I sincerely think this is the best workout I have ever had. I am seeing muscles in my arms and legs that I thought didn’t exist. I feel more confident than I ever have. Dana genuinely cares about your progress and goes above and beyond to make sure you are seeing results. There is no way I would be at the fitness level I am at today had I not started working out with Dana, I am thankful to have found her. She has helped me transform my body and kick started me into a healthier lifestyle.......Caroline McNally.....age 23*


"As a full-time student and mother who also holds a part-time job, there are very few things I get to myself.  My exercise is my salvation, my space and the main thing that I do to take care of myself.  Working out with Dana makes that space a place to look forward to. She teaches with grace and ensures a tailored workout for each of her clients. Best of all, she is always up beat and keeps us motivated no matter how hard she is pushing.  After 4-months, I don't think I have ever had the same class twice, I am never bored and always getting stronger."......Amber Minogue............age 35*


It’s been almost a year since I began training with you. You have a talent for making this hour (3 times a week) a fun hour with lots of variety  each and every time. You are a true professional. Your ability to modify the exercises for every individual in the class makes this truly personal training. From time to time, you share tips about diet, lifestyle , products (I love Advocare Spark) , and encourage us to measure the progress. Step on the scale and take physical measurements. Ugg..but then comes the translation of all that and the progress shows.
The strength, endurance and flexibility that I have achieved are very satisfying. While I have come to appreciate the benefits of making this a way of life for me, the most meaningful aspect of this experience has been your encouragement. You are inspirational. There I said it.
You make the relationship count as much as the fitness.
Thank you............Pat Ayers....age 66*


I was always the chubby kid, and in time, the chubby adult and so I have never been a fan of exercise.  It's still not something I would put on my top ten 'love to do' list.  But Dana makes it easier for me to get up and come into exercise.  The classes are challenging, but after every class I feel better knowing that I was stronger than when I finished.  If I don't show up, she contacts me to make sure I stay on track through encouragement rather than guilt.  As a result, I have never been stronger, physically, in my entire life.  But more than feeling physically strong, I feel confident...and that is priceless.
 Thanks Dana!............DaSandra Duncan......age 35*


*These are real testimonials from real clients. Everyone and every situation is different so please keep in mind that individual results may vary.